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Dextrose is a carbohydrate supplement that is used by many people, especially those who practice intensive sports activities. It is also used in confectionery. Dextrose candy is a treat composed of carbohydrate, in other words, sugar. The dextrose candy: to fill up with energy and pleasure Dextrose sweet is a jelly candy that is made up of sugar, gelatine, glucose syrup and of course water. At any time of the day, it can be enjoyed with pleasure. It provides the body with a unique source of energy and a good dose of pleasure. Many athletes eat a few sweets after their sports activities. During exercise, the dextrose candy is a solution to renew the glucose circulating in the blood. After the effort, it helps to recover energy. Once glucose is in the bloodstream, the body reacts by liberating insulin. On our website, find many categories of dextrose candy for your own consumption or to celebrate an important event, such as a birthday or wedding for example. For many, these candies will be appreciated by young and adults. Dextrose candy: a candy from the carbohydrate family Dextrose is a particular type of sugar. It is the most common form of carbohydrate. Also called glucose, dextrose is used to make up many foods, including candies. Its sweetening power is equivalent to table sugar (sucrose). Dextrose comes in a special form: a white, slightly crystalline powder. The sweets that we offer you on Fizzy are composed of dextrose. That's what gives them their specific appearance and gives them a taste that makes gourmets so satisfied. Dextrose based sweets are an inexhaustible source of pleasure, to take everywhere with you.