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Minions candies

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Bananaaa! Fizzy and the Minions are here! You were waiting for them, they're here! As usual, surcharched, Kevin, Stuart and Bob have taken their place in our range of minion candies to create laughs and new taste experiences for Minions' big fans! In this selection of candy you'll find, among other things, the unmissable Fizzy candyfloss with vanilla flavour, absolutely delicious and ideal for transportation thanks to the pot and its handful! This delicious candyfloss in jar will be easy to enjoy outside and inside and for any occasion! Would you like to watch a Minions movie in the warmth with family or with your friends? Don't do it without the associated candyfloss! You can also find the trio of shock associated with a blower that will allow you to survive the successive heat waves at the approach of the summer while enjoying a moment of sweetness with delicious little candies that will brighten up your child's breaks or a day of departure on holiday! Do you soon have a birthday to organise or a present to give? You almost have a birthday to celebrate and you want to organize it with the Minions theme? Then this range of products is made for you! A fan of Minions will necessarily appreciate the attention to detail that you will bring to the preparation of this one. There is something for everyone tastes! This product selection is a blessing for the absolute minion fan! In addition to Minions candy floss in jars and Minions blowers, you will find tubes filled with chocolate dragees featuring Bob, Stuart and Kevin and Minions surprise cones. A great classic of playful candies combining both candy and toy is a must have for children's endless expectations!