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Rabbit candies

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Bwaaaah the Lapin Crétins candies are also avaible at Fizzy! At Fizzy, we love Lapin Crétins moreover when they are associated with generous sweets and chocolate bites! In this selection of Lapin Crétins candies you will find many fun items for all tastes! From blue or pink bowls with hazelnut chocolates, to little surprise egg boxes made of chocolate moldings, to marshmallow lollipops Lapins crétins, so don't give in to panic and frustration and choose whatever you like! The Lapins Crétins have no more secrets and the playful items that accompany the little candies will bring a good mood to breakfast or afternoon snack. All our chocolate products are RSPO and UTZ certified, because the quality of chocolate and our products is a priority and should not be in opposition to our envy for sweets. Fizzy invites you to share. Enjoy of our Lapin Crétins candies and chocolates to create unforgettable memories with your family! The Lapins Crétins candies and chocolates are a real gourmet pleasures for real fans of the Ubisoft series, so don't forget to give some to all your little rabbits! You have a child's birthday to celebrate. Enjoy our Lapins Crétins range to make them happy. Our processes are based on traditional recipes with modern and controlled manufacturing methods. Our range of playful Lapins Crétins candies is the result of extensive research and development to satisfy a demanding clientele looking for new taste experiences in family. Moreover, Fizzy is commited to the planet by scrupulously choosing its ingredients: no vegetable oils from deforestation in our sweets. Don't wait any longer, the band of Lapins Crétins is just waiting for you for moments of gourmet pleasure to share !