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Fizzy brand

Qui est Fizzy ?

Who is Fizzy ?

To Fizzy's, we have chosen an integrated creation process. Our design team exclusively works for Fizzy, they create unique patterns, they sometimes work with licence partners.

40 ans de gourmandise

40 years of gluttonery

Since 1978, Fizzy holds its values for customers care : innovation, tradition and fiability. Do you want to know more about Fizzy's 40 years history and about those who made it a leader of playful confectionery ?

Fizzy undertakes

Our proceeding is based on current regulations. All our teams are skilled to understand from the conception the demands about gustative quality, functionality and to make our toys more safe.

Do you want to know more ?

Natural food colouringNatural food colouring

UTZAll of our chocolates are certified UTZ

Deletion of controversed ingredientsDeletion of controversed ingredients

Palm oil certified durablePalm oil certified durable

Matières premières de qualitéRaw materials of quality