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Share a true moment of pleasure with Fizzy's chocolates ! Fizzy offers you in its selection of products to taste chocolate confectionery, pieces of chocolate, cereal snacks and chocolates beans for the pleasure of all the family. For a festive event, do not hesitate to share with family and friends all these marvellous candies which taste nice and also are great antidepressant ! Chocolate is a must have averywhere and for all type of events, it can be offered to build relationships et also shared to improve them. Fizzy chocolates are regulary sold with a toy or a stuffed animal. Taste to simple pleasures of Fizzy's chocolates which for sure will bright your day of work with tea or a coffee during your break. For the back of spring, give to kids the pleasure to take part to a big treasure hunt, to enjoy the sun and the fresh air with chocolate pirate coins avaible in different sizes on our website ! When the weather is grey and rainy, enjoy your day at home, in the warmth of the family cocoon with your favorite mug " Madame bonheur" or "Monsieur génial" and a Fizzy cereal or chocolate snack. Do not wait anymore to benefit of our amazing selection of Fizzy's chocolate ! A Fizzy procceding based on quality, pleasure and feelings. At Fizzy, we love to offer the best to kids and parents. Since 1978, Fizzy creates pleasure and feelings to our customer's minds by only working with quality products. It is in this quality proceeding to satisfy our clients that all the chocolates we sell are certified UTZ and RSPO. What does it mean ? We undertakes not to put in our cholocolates any vegetal oil participating to the deforestation of our planet. So, when you buy our products you actively take part to the gustative pleasure of your loved ones without destroying forests. Do not hesitate any longer, visit our selection of products and enjoy a moment of pleasure and feelings !