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Saucer candies

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The saucer candy is a very famous candy created in the 80s. It is covered with unleavened bread and is filled with powder that melts in the mouth in an explosion of pleasure. This candy will delight all lovers of fruity and acidulous sweets. Fizzy offers you a large variety, for all tastes. Treat yourself with a large selection of saucer candies. The saucer candy is a candy that makes the nostalgia of all who enjoyed eating in the 80s. Synonymous with childhood favourite sweets, this sweet reappears in its original form, colourful and always sour. Rediscover today the unique taste of this candy that won't stop to take you on a journey to the confines of taste. How can you not succumb to this timeless candy? Each event is an dreamed opportunity to include this candy in your proposals. Your guests, young and parents, will be delighted to discover or rediscover this candy that has marked its time. The saucer candy: fragile and delicate at the same time This little saucer candy, with its characteristic round shape, is a kind of surprise because it is filled with sour sugar with a particular fruity taste. This is a great way to bring adults back to childhood and impress the youngest ones who may not know this candy. Great classics of sweets, this candy is both fragile in appearance and delicate in the mouth. It explodes with flavour once you put it on your tongue, for a unique trip Once you have tasted one it becomes very difficult to stop on such a good way. So much so that the packet can sometimes be victim to its success, especially if you are celebrating a birthday or other events with many people.