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Have you ever heard of drinking candy? It is a delicious hybrid confectionery, between the classic candy and the juice. Fizzy has designed them to vary the way of degustation of sweet which pleases to all ages. Drinking sweets designed to please The liquid candy was not born at random. It is the result of a multi-decennial knoledge, associated with constant research. The favourite flavours of kids and parents are carefully selected by our team, which is regularly trained in health and safety standards. We also attach a great importance to presentation. Bottles shaped as baby bottles to share without moderation attract you, why resist them? Drinking sweets: choose your flavours! We have developed our candies in assortment to multiply the greedy sensations. Enjoy yourself by tasting all our deliciously selected flavours. Pick at random, inspiring by sparkling colours or according to your preferences. Your tasting will be for you the occasion to fall back into childhood. Our liquid sweets are a sure value for your parties (birthdays, baby-shower, etc.) and are also fun to eat on a daily basis for fun. Drinking sweets that protect the planet. We take into account the recommendations of both health professionals and environmentalists. This is why our drinking sweets are certified RSPO (palm oil produced without deforestation) and UTZ (production that preserves the planet's resources). We also make sure that each liquid candy is not too rich in sugar. You will therefore be able to taste them without feeling guilty and offer them to your children without fearing for their health. Fizzy is not a confectioner like the others. We are committed to provid you with the best and the range of liquid candy perfectly reflects our values.