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Fizzy yellow candies, the guarantee of a fun and greedy moment. For the gourmets, discover on our site a full range of yellow candies and sweets! Do you want to discover new tastes? Or would you like to share a tender moment with your family around delicious sweets? Find now the Fizzy yellow candies and other innovative creations. Fizzy yellow candies to celebrate an event. Decorate your special occasion with yellow candies! The colour will give fun to all your events: from baby-shower to wedding, birthday or retirement, the candies will accompany you in any event. Personalize your party with a personalized candy bar or a sugary buffet ! Yellow candies for kids and adults! Whether you're young or old, Fizzy's yellow candies and other confectionert will bring sweetness and fun to your day. Take out the bag of yellow candies at work, to surprise your colleagues, or at home, to surprise your child. Your family and friends will be surprised and will share a friendly moment with you !