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Gluten free candies

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Gluten-free candies for everyone Discover our large range of gluten-free candies and other sweets, and select your favourite gluten-free candies! Candies suitable for people with allergies or for those who want more flavour. Before ordering, don't forget to choose a toy for your children, they will be so happy ! Fizzy gluten-free candy, more taste and flavor. Let us tempt you with our gluten-free candies from Fizzy. Fizzy's range of gluten-free sweets is not only for children, even grown-ups are delighted. Generous candies for maximum enjoyment! Whether at recess, during a snack break, or in front of a movie, gluten-free candies will make you have a gourmet moment ! Gluten-free candies for special occasions. A birthday to celebrate? A candy bar to organize for your wedding? A sweet snack to delight the little ones? Gluten free candies are suitable for all occasions, don't forget to share a fun and colourful moment with your friends and family!