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Candy and stuffed animals

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The gluttony of a little candy with a reassuring stuffed toy, an association made in Fizzy ! Fizzy invits you in its sweet world of confectionary by the golden door, directly in the heart of what we do the best. Associate delicious candies to attractive and funny teddies for kids knowing the quality and safety required by parents. The stuffed animals associating with candies immediately create an irresistible and perfect combo. Satisfying the immediate need fot the tempting candy to the timeless pleasure of the toy with whom the kids will live incredible adventures pulled from his imagination. Candies flushes are extremely appreciated by kids because they are obviously so gourmand, but also for parents, they can observe the spark of pleasure and gratitude illuminates the children's eyes holding the teddy. This toy seems so simple at the first sight, but in the truth, it represents all the real or imaginary adventures a kid can have. Do not wait anymore, check our selection of candy flushes and get THE stuffed toy which will offer you a moment of gluttony and years of memories ! A unique knoledge, and an obsession for quality. There are not secret, the quality of their products minds a lot for Fizzy, to get a successful association we have to work with good products. Fizzy undertakes not to work with vegetal oil which contributes to deforestation of our forests. In fact, all our chocolates accompanying cuddly toys are cetificated UTZ and RSPO. Also, Fizzy undertakes to its clients to test all of our products in independant laboratories. Complete tests are made concerning two essential points : quality and safety. So all our toys are perfectly adapted to young children. The kid can dispose of his gift with any worries for the parents and he can start to live amazing adventures !