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Red candies

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Choose Fizzy red gourmet candies ! Find our full range of red candies and playful sweets. Are you looking for new tastes? Do you want a unique and surprising candy? Taste the red Fizzy candies ! Share Fizzy Red Candies at your event. Ideal to animate your special event, from a romantic evening to a Halloween party, a baby-shower or your wedding, red candies will let you offer your guests an unforgettable event! They can also be used for a candy bar or a suagry and personalized buffet. Red candies for all ages. Enjoy your family time with Fitzy Red Candies. It's almost snack time and you don't know what to offer your child? Offer your child sweets and a Fizzy toy, for a sweet and friendly moment guaranteed! Don't forget to share the red candies with friends, colleagues or as a couple, throughout the day or in the evening in front of the TV.