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Candies and chocolates a durable pleasure ! The "Candy Concept" or more generally called the candy toy is the result of a playful association with a confectionery and a toy. Fizzy selects the tastiest candies and makes this association playful and gourmet for the pleasure of kids and adults ! Finally, what could be better than offering excellent candies with a teddy bear or a super fun item ? Kids will appreciate to taste to succulent candies or chocolates while getting fun with an amazing toy. And parents will be glad that a simple pleasure can be completed by a durable toy which will create joy and feelings to the kids. Offer memorable moments to your loved ones with our Fizzy candy toys ! Our creators imagine more than 80 products every year, we have no doubt, you will find your happiness among this selection of candies and toys. Kids, success and Fizzy Children love candy toys for one simple reason. The confectionery is delicious and the toy is super attractive ! Of course, our experience plays an important role, active since 1978 in the confectionery and toy world, Fizzy has been able to seduce by an irresistible offer which is gourmand and playful, parents trust the quality of our products. Fizzy stands on really strict selection of products to work with, for example the chocolates are all certified UTZ and RSPO which guarantees them nit to be the results of vegetal oil taking part to deforestation. Obviously, Fizzy cares the same about the confection of the toys by testing them in laboratory. Fizzy wishes to give the best to its demanding clients looking for real knoledges. We invit you, now, to discover our range of candy toys and to choose !