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Fizzy and its world of sweetness makes your pleasure and your satisfaction its first priority. No doubt that you will be conquered by your birthday candy. The world of confectionery has no more secrets for Fizzy, a knowledge unequalled since 1978 which is perpetually improved by innovation. In our ambition to give taste pleasure and to amuse young and old, Fizzy does not spare any efforts to protect the environment, its commitment is to offer you sweets certified UTZ and RSPO. Birthday candy, the secret to a successful birthday party. Your favourite brand of candy brings the festive and gourmet atmosphere of a fun fair to your home with original products such as the famous range of fun candies, fruit of the Candy Concept. More recently, we have created the delicious caramel popcorn jars and the revolutionary candyfloss jar that can be enjoyed alone or with family. The choco phone is a must for festive moments. It is the first fun candy that combines confectionery and toy. Since then, others have followed, such as the marshmallow mug, the cow on wheels with its adorable animals or the teddy bear with its net of chocolates that children ask for at each of their parties. Fizzy's delivers your birthday candy. Because an birthday is an important moment, we are at your side to bring you the solution to accompany you in these preparations, ensure its success and make people happy. Little boy and little girl will find each their happiness with our whistle and lipstick candies that will amaze their friends for sure. What can we say about our assortment of gourmet chocolates except that your characters of Monsieur et Madame just have to behave themselves because they will be able to finish very quickly in the mouth. What a good and surprising idea to imagine a delicious tutti frutti flavoured burger candy. Every day we celebrate with our birthday candies such as the flowing Heart Marshmallow or the Giant Fruti Poppi. Fizzy takes everyone without any discrimination into the adventure. Long live to these moments of pleasure and emotion!