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Fizzy spicy candies, to serve you. Hot candy is a classic schoolyards ! In fact, spicy candies are usually eaten with friends or as a solitary sweet. However, the fact remains that the spicy candy attracts by its extreme taste! Discover our wide range of hot candies and take up the challenge associated with them, will you eat them all? Taste them on all occasions and take them with you on evenings with friends or colleagues for gourmet moments of pleasure. You have a birthday to plan, a wedding or a candy bar. The candy that stings is here to serve you! Bring a spark of madness to the taste of the little ones and offer them to taste the spicy candies ! Big gourmands, hot candies, and Fizzy. Great gourmets are great explorers, sometimes in search of a sweet as soft as marshmallow sometimes in search of a more punchy and certainly less sweet than marshmallow! That's why Fizzy is constantly looking for new sweets with new tastes and new sensations. So, you will find in this selection of products all the Fizzy spicy candies for the most daring of the great gourmands! You will find in particular the "Mini Poppi" and the "Mini Poppi Super Citric" two candies which are absolutely essential for the greedy people in search of strong sensations ! Moreover, Fizzy is committed to the planet by scrupulously choosing its ingredients: you won't find vegetable oils from deforestation in our candies and chocolates.