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Lactose-free candies

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Fizzy lactose-free candies for maximum enjoyment Discover delicious lactose-free candies and other sweets for all tastes and ages! Generous and unique candies for you, your friends, colleagues or children. Who will you share lactose-free candies with? Fizzy lactose-free candies for gourmet moments. Indulge yourself with our lactose-free candies from Fizzy. You have a birthday to celebrate? A wedding to celebrate? A candy bar to plan? Or do you just want to make your kids happy? Choose our lactose-free candies and share a gourmet and convivial moment! Lactose-free candies for young and old! Our delicious lactose-free candies will please your whole family. Take out a bag of Fizzy candies and share a moment with your loved ones, in front of a movie, at work, or for a snack! Gourmet candies to take everywhere! Don't forget to select a toy for the little ones, in addition to the lactose-free Fizzy candies!