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Oh, the powdered candy! As soon as you put it on your tongue, its original texture always creates a surprise reaction among gourmets. Offered by Fizzy for years in different forms, these candies continue to seduce lovers of sweets. The powder candy, a classic developed by Fizzy With its great experience in the field of playful sweets, Fizzy knows how to dazzle candy lovers. One of the best products, the saucer, contains a sour powder that has been delighting children's palates (and adults) for generations. Known for their effervescence, these saucers are popular for birthday parties, outings and any other event where children have fun. Fizzy's powdered candy, many avaible forms Alongside the saucers, Fizzy offers a large range of fun confectionery incorporating powder candies. You can find them in the form of lollipops which effervescent bubbles once put in the mouth. There are also powder-filled straws, perfect for fun moments. Other candy stores offer to dip a lollipop in a small bag of powder and promise bursts of laughter from young consumers who will ask for more. Constant efforts to improve our powder candies Fizzy's research and development teams are constantly working to improve the powdered candy. As a result, the powdered candy is offered in a variety of flavours. The design team, for its part, is looking to new shapes by associating it with new packaging and fun container shapes to enhance its playfulness. Fizzy's powdered candy is one of the brand's emblems. Available in a variety of shapes and offering a range of flavours for all tastes, its effervescence has not finished to please gourmets.