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With Fizzy, enter a playful and gourmet universe where quality is the heart of our preoccupations for more than four decades now. Our team creates for you candies, especially marshmallows, that are as tasty as they are entertaining for both children and adults who have remained so. Marshmallows from a unique know-how. The marshmallows we produce every day respond to all the taste quality requirements imposed for the satisfaction of our customers. Fizzy is a family business that has been able to turn to innovation very early in order to develop new varieties throughout its history. We produce candies and marshmallows for more than 40 years, which today lets us be masters in the world of confectionery. An incomparable marshmallow concept Above the production of a "made in France" marshmallow, Fizzy distinguishes for its inimitable concept of the association between a toy and a candy. This is why we decided to set up an integrated creation process, led by a trained and professional team. Our creators imagine more than 80 products every year. So, you will be able to vary the pleasures when you will buy or order online your favorite marshmallows. Heroes adored by children associated with marshmallows Present for many generations, Fizzy heroes have cradled your childhood and those of your children. We have licenses with famous characters such as the Minions, Barbie, Scooby-Doo and Barbapapa. You can enjoy a fun toy while eating delicious marshmallows made with vegetable oil (so no deforestation) in order to respect the environment. Based on our experience, we invite you to discover our range of quality marshmallows in order to treat the little ones but also to treat yourself.