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A true reference in the sale of confectionery, Fizzy offers to individuals and distributors a range of products that are as varied as they are gourmet for an excellent quality/price ratio. It also distinguishes itself for the festive side of its sweets, which it accompanies with a toy that will make happy the youngest ones. Bubble gums for all ages If it seduces children and teenagers, the adults on their side are not to be outdone. Less ephemeral than a candy, bubble gum symbolizes a pleasure that lasts. In the mouth for a long time, its flavour fades only progressively. It also has an irresistible playful side because, let's face it, the desire to make bubbles is never far away. Bubble gum, a candy that is not lacking in qualities It is indeed attributed many virtues and chewing bubble gum would be rather a good habit. It would decrease stress levels, increase oral hygiene and self-confidence and even concentration. Thanks to it, forget the 10-hour snack and your cravings. You will also appreciate it during your airplane trips where it will free you from the buzzing of your ears during takeoff and landing. Bubble gums that are irreproachable and promising for the future. A dynamic company concerned about the excellence of its products, Fizzy is also involved in an eco-responsible proceeding. Because of its contribution to the preservation of the planet's resources, it has obtained RSPO and UTZ certifications. By offering immersive internships to future professionals, this family business is fully into a logic of welcome and formation. Gluttony, quality, competitive prices, the bubble gum distributed by Fizzy gives us only good reasons to succumb to temptation.