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Buy your Fizzy caramel candies Browse through our wide range of toffee and other gourmet sweets, there is something for everyone! Enjoy them on birthdays and events and take some with you to celebrate. Your children will discover the playful spirit of our world of candy through a wide variety of sweets and toys available online. Fizzy caramel candies, sparks of flavour Let yourself be tempted by our Fizzy caramel candies! The variety of Fizzy toffee sweets is not only for children, even grown-ups are delighted with them. At any age, Fizzy candies will make you melt. Toffee candies for everyone Our tasty caramel candies will please your whole family. Hand out Fizzy candies and create memories with your loved ones. Surprise them by taking Fizzy caramel candies with you on a trip. We have been making fondant sweets for 40 years.