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Cherry candies

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Discover new flavours with Fizzy cherry candies Fizzy cherry candies, the candy to enjoy for little pleasures! Find our range of cherry candies and sweets, for all tastes. Enjoy them on birthdays and events and take them with you to party with your friends. The youngest will find the playful spirit of our world of candy through a wide variety of sweets and toys available on our website. Fizzy cherry candies, more taste and flavour. Let us tempt you with our cherry candies from Fizzy. The variety of Fizzy cherry candies is not only for children, even grown-ups enjoy them. At any age, Fizzy candies will make you melt. Taste Fizzy cherry candies ! Cherry candies for every moment of life. Our tasty cherry candies will relax you for a moment of sharing and conviviality. Take out a bag of Fizzy candies and create moments of laughter with your loved ones. Surprise them by taking Fizzy candies with you to a movie or a birthday party.