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Barbie candies

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Fizzy and Barbie, a highly colourful tale of taste The popularity of barbies is no longer to be demonstrated, barbie is known by all and particularly appreciated by our children and little girls. The combination of Fizzy candies with barbie toys are the result of a perpetual research for innovation with the only goal of giving pleasure, moments of joy and sharing to all our little and big gourmets. You will find in this category, a small barbie telephone, pink or purple filled with small dextrose candies in the shape of heart ! This playful toy accompanied by dextrose candies will with no doubt make all barbie fans melt with happiness! The interest of this range of barbie candies? All of the sweets are associated with a toy! The crunchy and delicious candies will give you an immediate pleasure and the toy will remain for a long time a way for the child to have fun with the well known Barbie universe ! The gluttony, the game and the pleasure of giving For more than 40 years now, Fizzy has been focusing on the gustative pleasure of its clients and cultivates the taste of the imagination with many associations of toys with a recognised image. It is the successful combination of pleasure and emotion ! The result of this unique selection of products is a guaranteed "heart stroke" from a barbie fan. The Barbie candy is a blessing for all the endless expectations of children, for recreation and playtime at home !