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Fat-free candies for more pleasure Discover our range of fat-free candies and sweets, there's something for everyone! Taste them on all occasions and take them with you at a party with friends, during a movie, for a snack, or at work for a fun and colourful moment with colleagues! The youngest ones will find the playful spirit of our candy universe through the Fizzy games available online. Fizzy fat-free candies, for special occasions. Less fat, but still as much pleasure thanks to the unique and original taste of Fizzy candies! Generous sweets, to be enjoyed with family, friends, or colleagues for gourmet moments. Succumb to Fizzy's fat-free candies. Fat-free candies for the whole family. Our tasty fat-free candies will relax you after a hard day. Distribute Fizzy candies around you and create moments of laughter with your loved ones. Enjoy Fizzy's fat-free candy!