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Paw Patrol candies

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Fizzy and Paw Patrol, a new story with a dog! Since the release of the first episodes in 2013, Paw Patrol makes more and more children dreaming. This series that brings our heroes Chase, Marcus and Stella have faced more and more challenges, we have naturally led our major challenge, of innovating and offering Paw Patrol's fans a range of products associating small sweets with a unique toy embodying our favorite heroes! In this category, you will find the Paw Patrol ventilator, a blower that will help you to cope with the successive heat waves as summer approaches, while giving you a moment of sweetness with delicious little candies that accompany it and that will please both young and old gourmets. These playful toys accompanied by their crunchy and sour little sweets will undoubtedly make all the fans of Paw Patrol happy! This range of crunchy Paw Patrol candies will offer a moment of immediate pleasure to the child and will remain a way for him to have fun outdoors as well as indoors through the universe of the series. The gluttony, the game and the pleasure of giving. For more than 40 years now, Fizzy cares about the gustatory pleasure of its customers and cultivate the taste of the imagination with many associations of toys with a recognised image. Fizzy's ambition is to innovate every year by offering ever stronger and more gourmet stories. It is with this ambition that Fizzy now offers a range of unique candies for all Paw Patrol's fans. The result of this unique selection of products guarantees "heart strokes" for a Chase, Marcus or Stella fan. The candies of this Paw Patrol selection are a blessing for all children's expectations, for playgrounds and playtime at home !