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Lollipops are a true symbol of childhood. They crossed centuries and even if they have changed a bit, they still a part of confectionery today. At Fizzy, we have kept their traditional particularities while innovating. Our lollipops will surprise you. You may know the flat ones, the triangle ones and also the circle lollipops. If some of them still have theses shapes we also have to reconize a big evolution thanks to our creator's imagination . In addition to the great classics, you will discover a new offer full of fantasy. The range of fragrances has also been expanded and will certainly surprise you. From marshmallow to tender caramel, from sour or spicy flavours to sparkling lollipops, the choice is yours. Lollipops for everyone's enjoyment At Fizzy, we have been supplying sweets to wholesale distributors for almost 40 years now. Among our best-sellers, you will find a whole range of lollipops. Symbols of rewards, wise children are always eager to unwrap them. Easy to eat for everyone, they provide a pleasant energy boost at the 11 o'clock snack time. There's no doubt that their taste and communicative good humour will continue to appeal to young and old alike for a long time to come. Gourmet lollipops that are beyond reproach You can love lollipops a little, a lot, passionately or even madly while preserving your health and that of the planet. At Fizzy we are committed to an eco-responsible approach and our ingredients are chosen with care. With them, you'll never be afraid of seeing all the colours. Excellent value for money, innovative and gourmet, there's no doubt that you'll fall in love with Fizzy lollipops.