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For a special event or to rebuild your shop's stock, Fizzy offers you candy packaging adapted to your needs. Bulk candies offer you the possibility to have the quantity of fun sweets as you wish. Bulk candy, perfect for a vary pleasures. Fizzy's bulk candy is perfect for shops that sell sweets. You can order a large variety of products and present them in shapes, colours and textures to seduce the gourmet. Give them spoons or shovels when you set up your bulk candy bar and let your customers make their own mixes. For private consumers or businesses, opt for a bulk candy bar that allows you to offer candies in a basket or you can make your own mixes to add to gift baskets. Bulk candy, quantities adapted to shops and events If you have to prepare an event and want to have treats available for your guests, why not buy a bulk candy? You can have a sufficient quantity of your favourite sweets, present them on a candy buffet. You won't run out of candies to offer to your guests. For a shop, ordering candies in bulk saves money and keeps the costs under control. Then you can offer a variety of Fizzy candies. Bulk and wholesale candies are great options to help you organize your candy stock and control your expenses. Fun, Fizzy sweets in various shapes, colours and flavours are adapted to your festive events (children's snacks, weddings, surprise events) or shops.