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Gelatin-free candies

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Enjoy Fizzy's gelatine-free candies Discover our large range of gelatine-free candies and other treats, there is something for every taste and for all ages, youngs and olds! Do you have a special event to celebrate? Do you want to share a fun and colourful moment with friends? Or are you simply looking for sweets to slip into your child's bag? Gelatine-free candies are for you ! Fizzy gelatin-free candies, more flavour and taste Let us tempt you with our Fizzy's gelatin-free candy. For a candy bar, a sugary buffet or simply to please, gelatin-free candies will delight children and adults alike! Celebrate a wedding, a baptism, a baby-shower with Fizzy candies! Discover also the toys for your children, available online. Gelatin-free candies to make you happy. Share our tasty gelatine-free candies with your whole family for a convivial and gourmet moment. Whether in the evening, in front of the TV, at snack time, or after lunch break, take the gelatine-free sweets everywhere, for more pleasure, flavour and sharing !