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Peanut free candies

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Buy your Fizzy peanut-free candies Check out our large range of peanut-free gourmet candies and other sweets, there's something for every taste and age, for young and old alike! Fizzy peanut-free candies respect your allergies but still have the unique and good taste of Fizzy candies. The youngest ones will be able to have fun with the Fizzy games, available on our site, in addition to the peanut-free candies ! Fizzy peanut-free candies, suitable for your allergies. Sweet tooth? Our peanut-free candies are perfect for a sweet and tasty break! Let yourself be tempted by our peanut-free candies from Fizzy. For young and old alike, Fizzy candies adapt to your allergies and your moments of sharing: at the cinema, with your colleagues during lunch break, in front of a movie, or for a snack? Do not hesitate any longer ! Peanut-free candies for the greediest. A wedding to plan? A baby-shower to organize? Are you looking for sweets? Don't forget to add peanut-free candy to your candy bar or sweet buffet! Create memories with your loved ones with Fizzy candies.