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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Barbapapa family! The Barbapapa family welcomes you with open arms into its world of sweets to share with the whole family! There is nothing like a real Barbapapa-style candyfloss to spend a great time with the family, plus, the jars are collectible. This excellent Fizzy candyfloss will delight children and parents in all circumstances, children love it, parents share it without measure and grandparents don't hide their pleasure of having it at their disposal! This excellent Barbapapa candy will astonish all the great fans of the series and will bring them to experience all the stories of the iconic family through this Barbapapa candy. You want to watch the series once again with your family. Give to the whole family candyfloss and enjoy a home cinema session! Barbapapa and Fizzy. Fizzy's watchwords are innovation and creativity, so our visual design team has created these superb collectible pots in different colours, pink, orange, purple and blue. This sweet vanilla-flavoured cotton candy will give you the feeling that it has just been made under your amazed taste buds! Of course, this is the result of a traditional method that Fizzy masters to perfection and that we have generalized in our manufacturing workshops, here in France! Since 1978, Fizzy has made it a true honnor point to work only with quality products, which is how we can now pride ourselves on presenting this tasty and authentic French candy floss to you. Don't misunderstand, once you've tasted Barbapapa candies you won't be able to do without them. Luckily, you don't have to worry, now you know where to find it!