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Discover new flavours with Fizzy's sour candies Look at our large selection of sour candies and sweets, there is something for every taste! Savour them on all occasions and take some to celebrate. Younger children will discover the playful spirit of our world of candy through a great variety of tasty candies and games available online. Fizzy sour candies, to please your taste buds. Get some of Fizzy's sour candies. Fizzy's variety of sour candies are not just for kids, even the older ones are delighted. Fizzy candies are a hit with all ages. Enjoy Fizzy's sour candies! Sour candies for the whole family. Our delicious sour candies will please the whole family. Share a bag of Fizzy candies and create memories with your children. Make them happy by taking Fizzy candy with you on a trip. We've been making your melty sweets for 40 years.