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For a shop or for a great event, the 2kg Fizzy candy offers a suitable solution. The playfully shaped sweets remain within easy reach at all times and you can manage your stock of sweets more easily. The 2kg candy packet, a sufficient quantity for the gourmands Fizzy candies sold in 2 kg packets are an ideal solution when you live in a house full of gourmets. It will also suits you if you work in a company with colleagues who love sweets. You can share and manage your stock of sweets as you wish and avoid the need to buy sweets in small packets or individually. To prepare a candy bar for a wedding or a birthday, 2kg bags are suitable. For a shop, 2 kilos of candy also makes easier the organization of your stock Fizzy classics in the form of 2kg candy For a confectionery specialist such as Fizzy, it is important to offer packaging adapted to the needs of its consumers. You will find the brand's flagship products such as Scoopy saucers in 2kg candy form, offered in bulk in adapted containers. You can also find sweets accompanied by a toy or a plush toy representing licensed characters that have given the company its status as a specialist in fun confectionery. Gourmets have the pleasure of finding their favourite candyfloss with Fizzy in this gourmet packaging. Fizzy's 2kg candies are an economical solution for individuals and professionals alike. A wide range of sweets is available. In bulk, individually wrapped or in small bags with or without a toy, these sweets sold in a 2kg format make it easier to organize events or to feed a shop's candy buffet.