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At Fizzy, our family business is addressed for more than 40 years to all professionals in the world of distribution of confectionery. Diversity, quality and competitive prices, our sets of candies have something to seduce. Even though it exists different types of packaging, the practical and attractive candy sachet remains without hesitation a must have. With our assortment of sweets, there is something for everyone. With its varied flavours, colours, textures and ever more attractive presentations, the assortment of sweets is pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to the taste. Whether sour or sweeter, wise or flashy, these sweets are a part of the candies that young and old never resist for long. With their childhood flavours, they are known to be excellent for morale. Festive, the sachet of candy lends itself spontaneously to sharing with friends, and consume them would help you stay awake longer, promote concentration and maybe even increase your life expectancy. So many good reasons not to deprive oneself of them. The Fizzy candy assortment, a highly recommendable gluttony. Concerned about the excellence of its confectionery and the preservation of the environment, our company is engaged into an eco-responsible RPSO and UTZ procedure. The fabrication is done with a vegetable oil produced without deforestation and preserving the planet's resources. The assortment of candies between tradition and future perspectives New ideas and new sets of candy, Fizzy is constantly reinventing itself. If we promote a dynamic training for our employees, we also welcome students from higher education for practical internships in our various departments in order to design new candies that are as surprising as they are funny. There is no doubt that the assortment of Fizzy sweets will satisfy your demands for gluttony and quality.