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Easter egg

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Easter eggs everywhere.

As the sunny days and happy family moments approach, discover the playful world of Fizzy with these candies and chocolates. On the occasion of the Easter holidays discover a wonderful selection of Easter eggs in Fizzy chocolates! At Fizzy we take great pleasure in the Easter season, why do you ask? Because we regularly associate our chocolate eggs, ideal for a successful egg hunt, with a toy stuffed toy! Because we want the gourmet pleasure of our delicious chocolates to persist through the pleasure of playing with our superb Easter cuddly toys. Large is our selection of Easter chocolates, chocolate mouldings and tasty treats that will satisfy the whole family! What a greedy pleasure for the child to get chocolate eggs for Easter and what a satisfaction for the parent to keep a memorable souvenir through the stuffed toy or the Fizzy toy! Easter eggs are a true tradition that must be preserved, a moment spent with the family, synonymous with beautiful days and often chocolatey pleasures.

Chocolate eggs, yes, but quality eggs, please.

The quality of toys and chocolates, especially chocolate eggs, is a priority for Fizzy. Fizzy has always been committed to a strict quality approach since its creation in 1978 to always bring satisfaction and gain the trust of our customers. This is why Fizzy is proud today to certify all our UTZ and RSPO chocolates. This means that Fizzy works with quality chocolate that is committed to safeguarding our planet by excluding ingredients: our confectionery does not contain vegetable oils from deforestation. Come and discover without further delay our selection of Fizzy chocolate eggs for unforgettable family moments and quality chocolate eggs !