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Fruit candies

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Buy your Fizzy fruit candies. Do you like fruits? You'll love our generous range of delicious fruit and other sweets. Enjoy them at a party with friends, for a special event, or for a snack. Your children will love them with a Fizzy toy, which you can find on our site. Fizzy fruit candies, gourmet candies. Let us tempt you with our fruit candies from Fizzy. Our large range of Fizzy fruit candies is not only for children, even grown-ups are delighted with them. At work, take out your fruit candies and invite your colleagues for a sweet moment. Fruit candies for young and old. Our delicious fruit candies will please your whole family. Share a bag of Fizzy candies and create moments of laughter with your loved ones. Make them happy by taking some Fizzy candies with you on a trip. Discover our selection on our website!