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Welcome to Candy Planet! For the great pleasure of young and parents, Fizzy enchants the taste buds with its collection of candies. From the pastel saucer filled with powder to the fluorescent baby bottle of fruit juice, to the bicoloured sugar cane, there are all shapes and for all tastes. The XXL candy box The transparent candy box lets you see the sour colours of the lollipops or multi-taste pearl necklaces. The pirate's treasure trunk conceals a thousand gourmet surprises? Roudoudous with various flavours, playful chocolates and other jelly candies in the colours of the rainbow. As for the candy box in the form of a tiered shelf, it sometimes exhibits ranges of dextrose lipsticks for coquettes, and sometimes super-acid lollipops for sensationseekers. Reserved for the Easter festivities, lollipops in the shape of chick, rabbit and cow wait on a joyful stand, while creamy marshmallows in the shape of a hen overflow from a rectangular box. Children's favourite candy box For sure the candy box also finds its inspiration in the children's favourite heroes. For example, the Minions show off their funny faces on real cotton candy boxes. The Monster High models host sweet candies and accessories in printed pockets on a black background. Barbie fans will discover treasures to savor and keep in cones filled with surprises. Scooby-Doo, on the other hand, will not be separated from its off-road friction car and the box of six Barbapapa eggs contains many surprises. For birthdays, candy parties or candy corners in a shop, the expert in sweets for more than four decades offers appropriate packaging in candy boxes.