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You can never have enough candy and it's not us, Fizzy, specialist in playful confectionery, who will tell you otherwise. To meet your need for sweets, discover a very practical,1kg candy bag. The 1kg candy, so you'll always have a sweet on hand. As we all know, it's hard for the greedy to stop at one piece of candy. When you know the quality of the sweets offered by Fizzy and their respect for the environment, it is easy to dive into these little sweet pleasures. Saucers full of effervescent powder, liquid candies or funny shapes... are always perfect to put adults and children in a good mood. So if you don't want to run out of sweets, it's best to always have some on hand. A gesture that becomes easy thanks to the 1kg candy. 1kg of candy for a tasty sweet. If you have to organize an event and wish to present sweets, it is easier to order them in 1 kilo packages. This allows you to store them easily. You also have the possibility to control the consumption of your guests more easily, for example at a birthday party with a few children. Moreover, by opting for the 1kg candy, you have more easily the possibility to vary the pleasures. Your order can be made up of a whole variety of sweets. You can then have a kilo of powder-filled straws, a kilo of candy necklaces and marshmallows... The 1kg candy packaging is perfect to have Fizzy sweets available at any time. This quantity also helps you to better organize your events and to place on your tables a whole range of different sweets, for the greatest pleasure of gourmets.