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Fizzy white candies to offer Discover all our white candies and other gourmet sweets! The white candies will awaken your palate and make you fall back into childhood thanks to their unique taste and to an original creation. Taste now the Fizzy white candies ! Fizzy white candies for a special event. White candies will allow you to make your most beautiful candy bar or sugary buffet of your special event (birthday, baptism, wedding). This day will be unforgettable thanks to gourmet white candies ! Your guests won't believe it. White candies for everyone. For a snack, a break, a lunch, or in front of the TV, white candies will allow you to share unforgettable moments with your family, friends or colleagues. Let yourself go and enjoy a moment of sweetness with Fizzy candies! Don't forget to give a toy to your child's snack, once homework is done !