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Green candies

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Offer yourself Fizzy green candies from our online site. Try our selection of green candies and playful sweets. Whether you're looking for new tastes or feel the desire to feel our candies tickle your taste buds, discover our innovative sweets. Taste Fizzy green candies for all your events! Perfect for your special event (decorate birthday cake, organise a party, celebrate an engagement), select green candies to create your own personalized confectionery palette. This variety of Fizzy green candies will also satisfy you if you simply want to make a break in your day or to please the big kid in you. Green candies for everyone. Share time with your children and bring sweetness to your everyday life by tasting green candies together while having fun with Fizzy games. Take the package of green candy out of its hiding place on a Sunday morning in front of the cartoons, no doubt the effect will be immediate! Don't forget to try the green candies and other tasty Fizzy sweets too !