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Easter lollipops

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Exclusive Easter lollipops from Fizzy ! For the Easter holidays, we are proud to introduce our Easter lollipops, a Fizzy gourmet exclusivity. The lollipop is a great classic of the candy stalls, of course everyone loves lollipops, isn't it? That's why Fizzy wanted to develop a range of delicious Easter lollipops, each one more tempting than the next. What's an Easter lollipop ? Well it's very simple, you can find our "hide-and-seek twist" lollipop. A nice long twisted lollipop with a jelly Easter character on top ! Of course if Easter lollipops are not only available in baked sugar and jelly. We also have the ""Farmer Mallow Pop"" and the ""Lapins Crétins Mallow Pop"", two appetizing batches of marshmallow lollipops that you won't be able to do without. There's something for everyone in our selection of Easter lollipops! Don't miss this opportunity to make children happy at a meeting and offer a beautiful and excellent Fizzy Easter lollipop ! The Easter Lollipop, a must have on a sunny day. The beautiful days are back, the children meet their friends outside, to take part to in the usual Easter egg hunt with parents and friends. Isn't it a time for joy, sharing and simple pleasures? It is in this spirit of cheerfulness that Fizzy has developed its Easter lollipops filled with that special sweet sunny atmosphere. Easter lollipops are an undisguised invitation to pleasures that are always gourmet but never guilty. The Easter lollipop is an opportunity to say thank you or to reward those around us with a little attention. Don't hesitate any longer, taste and share Fizzy Easter lollipops! You'll see, your friends and family will thank you !