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Easter marshmallows

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Fizzy Easter marshmallows, a tender texture with a tasty heart! With Fizzy the Easter holidays are always meant to be pleasant, tender and full of generosity. That's why Fizzy absolutely wants to introduce its selection of super-gourmet Easter marshmallows! Whether it's our tasty "Mallow Pop" skewers or our delicious "Farmer Mallow Pop" lollipops, a real marshmallow fan will find what he is looking for! Create unforgettable memories with children and parents on the occasion of Easter with marshmallows to share! Beautiful days are always the occasion for outdoor activities, slip some marshmallows in your backpack and enjoy a relaxing moment with friends to share the superb Fizzy marshmallow skewers ! Fizzy's extra marshmallow, by a simple sharing, will melt the heart of pleasure and brighten everyone's day. Easter marshmallows are also available in large volumes! In fact, Fizzy offers you to share the "Poussy Mallow" all summer long, succulent vanilla Easter marshmallows with its bulk format! These are shaped like a chick and are ideal for celebrating birthdays or any other festive event. Finally, the "Fraisy Mallow" will bring joy and satisfaction to our strawberries lovers. Its fresh strawberry taste accompanied by its jellied heart alone deserves a tasting event with friends and family ! The sweetness of Fizzy marshmallow, the pleasure of Easter too. Fizzy wants to bring the best of candy and quality chocolate to make Easter a successful event for the whole family. So Fizzy spends the time necessary to develop a range of tasty Easter marshmallows to bring tasty products to our consumers. Try Fizzy's Easter marshmallows and you'll be adopted! And if you finish them . You can recommend some! (unless they are already eaten...?)